Panderosa Panzió is located in Pest County, about 25 kms away from the centre of Budapest, next to Dunavarsány, in the middle of a little forest. As it is a horse farm, you don’t have to enter the town of Dunavarsány, it’s easy to find us, when you are coming from the road 51, you have to take a turn between the 26 and the 27 km post. Of course there are street signs too to make it even easier.

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Panderosa Panzió is located in Pest County, about 25 kms away from the centre of Budapest, next to Dunavarsány, in the middle of a little forest. As it is a horse farm, you don’t have to enter the town of Dunavarsány, it’s easy to find us, when you are coming from the road 51, you have to take a turn between the 26 and the 27 km post. Of course there are street signs too to make it even easier.

At Panderosa Panzió we offer 17 rooms for 38 guests. Mostly we have standard two-bedded rooms; however we have with 3 bigger rooms too for families with children.

For the bigger comfort we can provide families who have children under 4 with baby beds and baby bathtubs. In some rooms we can install additional beds on request. If you are a businessman or a solo traveller, you can be alone in your room of course.

Our rooms:

  • 14 standard rooms with 2 beds and a shower
  • 1 standard room with 3 beds and a shower
  • 1 family room with 4 beds (contains 2 connecting rooms) and a shower
  • 1 room with 4 beds (contains a bedroom and a living room) and a bathtub


Furniture is made out of pinewood completed by textiles with the colours of nature. In the case of standard rooms you can choose between double and separated beds. Our beds are made with coir mattress for more comfortable sleep. Television and radio with alarm clock can be found in all of our rooms. Free WiFi is available in every room and throughout the whole pension.


At Panderosa Panzió we think about your children too. We have toys in our playhouse for very young children, as well as board games and ballgames for bigger ones. On the outside there is a forest playground with swings, sand boxes and chutes. If they’re interested in animals, they can visit our barton or feed and pet our horses and they can meet and play with friendly cats and dogs too.


It’s needless to say that kids love to play in the nature, you can be sure that they will enjoy themselves. There are exciting leisure activities for adults too. You can play skittles, darts try yourself at archery, ride a horse or swim in our outdoor swimming pool. There are pony horses for small children and big horses for adults. If you feel tired, you can have a nap by our garden lake.

You can use our rentable bicycles to explore bicycle routes situated on the bank of the Danube. You will be able to find here an old radar station and a bunker too which was built at the end of the 1950s by the Soviets. At the moment these buildings are used as museums with interesting exhibitions for both children and adults.


We wish a good morning to our guests with a buffet breakfast. We provide you with lunch and dinner as well on request. At our garden fireplaces everybody can make some snacks to their own taste. If you are in the mood for a good picnic, we can make you a fully packed food hamper. In the drink bar you can taste the award winning wines of the nearby wine regions.


For meetings and conferences we provide you with drinks and snacks for the pauses as requested. For businessman we have a meeting room with free WiFi, a projector and a flipchart. Panderosa Panzió is great for reunions, birthday parties and team building programs too. As it’s located close to the road M0 which is a junction for all of the Hungarian motorways, it’s easy to approach from every part of the country.


Besides the average inside and outside team building activities and games (which are made to bring colleagues closer, define the roles within the team, make the communication better, increase productivity and effectiveness, etc.) you can try some unique „rural games” too and go for a horse carriage ride..

After all of these activities you can refresh yourself in the sauna or with a pleasurable massage. In the case of birthday parties, our restaurant is able to hold about 40 people, on the outside however the capacity is much bigger. For children parties we can provide trampolines.

At Panderosa Panzió we organize camps for children with horse and handicraft activities. For the residents of nearby towns it can be like a day care where kids arrive in the morning and leave in the evening, however it’s possible for them and their parents, grandparents to stay for the nights as well. We are able to organize other kinds of celebrations, family days and competitions too.


Nearby sights: Dunavarsány is rich in natural sights. At the Soroksár Danube branch you can see the Domariba Island floating moors which provides home for lots of rare animals and plants. This branch of the Danube is popular with the fishermen. A few hundred meters away you can find windswept dunes. This is a nature reserve along with the whole area of the pension.

In spring you can see rare sand plants and waving fields with stipa. In summer when the weather is hot, it’s recommended to visit the Lake Rukkel where you can swim, use some exciting chutes or go on a boat trip. Délegyháza is located next to Dunavarsány. The town is known for its connected lakes on more than 200 hectares. Here you can try yourself at water skiing, fishing or just have a good swim.

Going a bit to the South you can find Ráckeve. It is a historical town which is populated since the Bronze Age its blossoming started only in the 1440s when Serbian people settled in there. Its town centre is very similar to the centre of Szentendre which was a Serbian trading town as well. If you visit Ráckeve, make sure to visit the Nagyboldogasszony temple which was build in 1487 and the wonderful Savoyai Castle which was built in 1702. You can refresh yourself in the town’s thermal spa. We recommend a trip to Apajpuszta too.

Kiskunsági Nemzeti Park is the second biggest grassy plain of the country. On this nature reserve you can find lots of ancient Hungarian animals like the bustard, the grey cattle, the racka (long hair) sheep and the cigája (also long hair) sheep. You can get a taste of the traditional life of shepherds and herdsmen through interesting and exciting exhibitions. If you get hungry, try some of the traditional Hungarian dishes while listening to gypsy music.