Panderosa Panzió horse farm is located in the Naprózsa district of Dunavarsány, in a wooded area. It can be reached easily from road 51, whether you are coming from the direction of Budapest or Baja. From Dunaharaszti, Taksony, Szigethalom, Szigetszentmiklós, Dunavarsány and Majosháza it can be reached easily by public transportation as well.

Every horse gets a separated pen and a separated box. Both of them are equipped with automatic drinkers. Grazing is also possible, and you can ask for three feedings a day if you want to.

The environment is so relaxed the horses can feel themselves in a sanatorium. In the summer we locate them in pens with sandy soil, next to trees to give shadow in the hottest hours. In the winter the horses are situated in boxes where the temperature is constantly over +5°C.

You can ride your horse in a round pen, on a big track in the farm or in the nearby forests.

We provide a saddle box for the trapping and changing rooms for the riders. Because of the  low holding capacity (20 horses at maximum) the atmosphere is so friendly you can feel like  you were a part of a family. For training jumping obstacles are provided.

Horse riding

Horse riding can be a great hobby for kids and adults as well. You can work almost all of  your muscles by riding a horse and breathing the fresh countryside air. To be so close to these  enchanting animals can provide great relaxation for everyone.

Very young children (ca. 3 years old) can even have fun at us by pony horses. A lesson  usually lasts for a  half an hour, and its price is 3000 HUF.

Bigger children with better concentration (from about 6 years old) can participate in playful  trainings to learn the basics of horse riding form beginner level. We start with walking, then  comes trot and at last we teach them to gallop. For safety, we always use a longe. Little  children can learn on pony horses while bigger ones and adults on big horses. For them a recommended 30 minute long training costs 3000 HUF.

Students who can control the horse without a longe can promote to the advanced level. On  this level it’s possible to take lessons with 2-3-4 other riders at the same time and not with the  trainer alone. In this lesson an hour costs 6,000 HUF.

We can give discounts to guests who want to visit us regularly for horse riding lessons

  • 10 times half an hour individual training within 3 months: 27000 HUF

Horse riding for children groups

1. Life on the

It’s ideal for anyone who visits us with a group of children, whether they are arranging camps  for kids in kindergarten or just an excursion for young students.

We show the children the animals on the farm, the jobs around them, the machines and the  tools. We clean the horses with their help, teach them about the life and types of horses, etc.  Every kid can sit on a horse and take a walk or an excursion with it.  They can try themselves in handicraft and they can bring home the results of their work.

 Basic program: priced 1,600 HUF/child
(A group has to be of 20 person at least)

Visiting an underground bunker with historical exhibition and touchable objects  Fun games, treasure hunt  Dishes that children like (schnitzel with rice and peas, hot-dog, sandwiches, etc.)  Children can come by bicycle or can be brought by their parents, but we also can help with  their transportation by car or either a horse carriage (ask for our offer).

2. Regular horse riding for preschoolers and students

One time every week we pick up children in front of the kindergarten or school and bring  them back once the lesson is over  We teach them the basics of horse riding by playful instructions and quizzes

3. Birthday party on the farm

It will be an unforgettable experience your kid

  • Horse riding
  • Horse carriage ride
  • Other programs on demand, like clown show, trampoline, interactive programs with Péter Levente, etc.
  • Birthday party with cake and sandwiches
  • Horse carriage ride

We show the neighbourhood to smaller or bigger groups while riding on a horse carriage  It can be connected to other programs too, like archery, barbecue, etc.  Price: 10,000 HUF/hour

Contact for booking: +36 30/415-3537 or visit us in person