2013. november 29- december 1.

Pig slaughtering and the subsequent feast was one of the most important and awaited activity in the countryside of Hungary in the winter months It was a big event for families and for the whole community. At this time the whole family with the children and grandparents along with the friends and neighbours came together and took their part. Pig slaughter often was a whole day activity with a huge feast and revel in the evening. The meats have lasted for months for the whole family.

We invite you – as our future friend – to spend a weekend with us in Dunavarsány at Panderosa Panzió horse farm.

You can bring back old memories or experience for the first time the unique atmosphere of a traditional pig slaughter and pig feast. The morning pálinka, the delicious self-made sausage and the scent of the fresh roast are all part of this weekend.

Price of the pig slaughter weekend:

  • 2 nights: 19,800 HUF/person
  • 1 night: 13,500 HUF/person


The price contains the stay with breakfast, the Friday dinner, the Saturday full board with the pig slaughter, along with the wine and pálinka consumption while the pig slaughter lasts. The price also contains the horse carriage ride on Saturday, sauna use and the taster package.

Schedule of the program:


  • After the occupation of the accommodation, the consumption of the welcome drink and the exploration of the neighbourhood, we are going to talk about the activities of Saturday, have dinner and talk some more until we become tired. Then we are going to sleep to get ready for the big day.


  • There is the big day for us and for the poor pig too who we are going to accompany for its last walk, while drinking one or two shots of pálinka. After the pig is dead, there comes the singeing and the butchering. We are going to take a part of the work, if you feel tired feel free to refresh yourselves with some more drinks. According to your taste you can drink pálinka, mulled wine or hot tea. If we are handy and fast enough we can eat fresh roast and ribs for lunch!
  • In the afternoon we are going to have some more interesting and fun work, like sausage filling and greaves making.
  • Before dinner we will take a ride on a horse carriage, heat up the sauna and refresh ourselves a bit.
  • In the evening we are going to come together again to enjoy the results of our work, the pig feast. You can taste unique and delicious dishes like roasted sausage with onion potatoes and pickles or pig feast cabbage with fresh bread. While eating we can have interesting conversations about our experiences during the day, if we are cheerful enough we can learn and sing some traditional songs too.


  • We are going to meet again at breakfast and you will get a ’taster package’ (contains different types of sausage and greaves) so you can enjoy the self-made delicious meats at your home too with you loved ones.