Camp dates:

  • 17-21. June 2013.
  • 19-21.July 2013.
  • 12-16. August 2013.


The day care camp is between 8 and 5.o’clock from Monday to Friday.(It’s possible for the night as well.)
Location: Dunavarsány at Panderosa horse farm, next to road 51 at Naprózsa district near  Taksony, Szigethalom, and Szigetszentmiklós (if you can’t sort out transporting, we will help getting your child to the camp’s location).

Available spaces at camp: 8-14 people
Age of campers: Ages 5-17 self-sufficient kindergarteners and elementary / advanced riders
Service: Three meals daily (brunch, lunch & snack), unlimited drink refills

Horse riding instructor: –


  • Horse Riding: 45  minute long instruction with lunge, for the beginners, 1 hour classes for advanced children.
  • Grooming, bathing, and saddling of the horses
  • Helping around the barn, manuring of the pens
  • feeding
  • Theoretical knowledge about horses, horse-riding, sicknesses, the equipment of rider and horse
  • Manual trainings,  the cleaning, handling of saddles and harnesses
  • Playful activities every afternoon, with contests
  • Arts and crafts
  • Swimming on location in a swimming pool that can be covered
  • – The children will show off the knowledge they gained to their parents on Friday, at 4 o’clock


Beginner and advanced children can both book and we will care for each of them based on their level of knowledge!

Cost of the camp: 30.000.-ft / person
If you apply by the end of May: 28.000.-ft / person
Discount for siblings, and for applying for multiple camps: -10%
Boarding camp: 38.000.-ft / person

Breakfast, dinner and lodging for the children who stay for the night, with activities and games in the evening

You can apply by filling out the application form and depositing 10.000.-ft until the beginning of the camp, only while the empty spaces last.

Further information, and contacts for applying:
Phone nr: +36 30/415-3537 Ágnes Kovalcsik
In person at: Panderosa Guesthouse Dunavarsány, Lovas tanya 2.

Horse riding on ponies and big horses all year long, for kids and adults too. Regular horse riders get discounts on their passes.

Apply now, for a great summer holiday!