Easter Bunny cares

from 2014th March 19 to 21. Hawe you spent Easter with your child in the countryside? Alive a pleasant forest, enjoy a traditional farmhouse ham, homemade cake. With Easter egg painting, ...

Pig slaughter weekend

2013. november 29- december 1. Pig slaughtering and the subsequent feast was one of the most important and awaited activity in the countryside of Hungary in the winter months It ...

Summerfest days 2013

12-21. August 2013 It’s the biggest folk event for the past 20 years. In the past years, folk dancers and musicians from more than 100 countries have taken part in Summerfest. Come ...

Equestrian & Artisan Camp 2013

Camp dates: 17-21. June 2013. 19-21.July 2013. 12-16. August 2013.   The day care camp is between 8 and 5.o’clock from Monday to Friday.(It’s possible for the night as well.) Location: Dunavarsány at Panderosa horse farm, ...


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